Anonymous asked: your anecdotes don't prove anything. I want sources about trans women fulfilling stereotypical gender roles, and sources on trans women pushing themselves on lesbians. I'll let your wildly incorrect assumption about my dysphoria slide.


I’m explaining to you HOW trans women fulfill stereotypical gender roles, and how a male identifying with womanhood is misogynistic because a male doesn’t know the slightest of what it’s like to be a woman. The only way a male can ‘identify’ as a woman is if they suppose there is truth to the femininity = female myth which is a direct product of patriarchy.

If you want SOURCES

  1. A woman is a grown female, and there is nothing ‘identifiable’ about it.image
  2. Brain sex does not exist
  3. As for stereotypes, that’s all trans women have to go by - because males do not know what it’s like to be a woman.

"The maxim “trans women are women” is a false equivalency that means at least three things.

First, it means that being raised as girl from birth is not an important or relevant aspect of being a “woman” because one can be a woman without these formative experiences.

Second, it means that having a female body is not an important or relevant aspect of being a “woman” because one can be a woman without being female bodied.

And third, it means that to be a “woman” simply reflects an individual’s desired relation to the social category “woman;” rather than serving as shorthand for the physical and cumulative experiential realities specific to female-born (and certain intersex) people around the globe.

To be a “woman” is to have been assigned the girl/woman social position at birth; subjective identification with that social position is irrelevant and varies wildly.

Reducing the experience of womanhood to a subjectively defined “inner knowledge” that is “inclusive” of anyone who claims to have such inner womanly knowledge erases the lived realities and material constraints placed on women and girls from birth– regardless of whether women enjoy being “women” or not, and regardless of whether they “identify” with other women or not.  I will not trivialize these objective realities in order to “validate” the subjective identities of a few. That is not a statement of hate, it is a practical refusal to prioritize identity theory over women’s real lives.

Hungerfod, Sex Not Gender.

  • Trans women threaten to KILL women
  • Trans women RAPE WOMEN, especially in safe spaces 






  • If you haven’t realized that trans women pressure lesbians to find them attractive and sleep with them, then you obviously don’t have a tumblr blog. Radfems cop it day in, day out. Lesbianism is same-sex which DOES erase biological males. 

And that’s just scratching the surface. I am really sick of doing this for you, you need to start doing your own research. Obviously, however, you’re trying to catch me out rather than actually trying to learn anything so I’m not going to keep spending time finding this shit for you.



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Anonymous asked: How in the world did the Trans movement go from, "Some people are born with a condition that makes them feel distressed about their sex characteristics. Let's treat them like people, respect them, & ensure they have access to medical treatments for dysphoria." to "You can choose to be trans & don't need dysphoria. Biological sex is fluid & a social construct because 1% of the population is intersex. The only reason you don't like dick is transmisogyny. All oppression is rooted in transmisogyny."


That’s a good question, and one I’d like answered as well. I’d like to think it’s an echo chamber on tumblr, but the truth is, with activists like Mock and Cox and the good folks at the SRLP and GLAAD etc, that’s not true.

And who knows. It’s troubling, certainly.


I just looked outside to check the patriarchy and apparently it’s reigning men


“[Choice feminism] misleadingly suggests that since choices are individual, they have no social consequences; women are therefore relieved of responsibility for considering the broader implications of their decisions. […] Consequently, choice feminism is radically depoliticizing: it discourages us from forming judgments about the value of different choices, it discourages us from giving a public account for the choices we make, it shuts down critical discussion about which choices should be valued and which choices are mere illusions, it uncritically embraces consumerism, and most problematically for the future of feminism, it deters women from being active in politics […]”

— Michaele L. Ferguson (via genderheretic)


The next time an MRA tells you that raping women is an evolutionary advantage for men, tell them that killing rapists is an evolutionary advantage for women.


my feminist goal is not to convince men that girls are of value, my feminist goal is to achieve a future where the judgement of our value isn’t in the hands of men. 

Links For Libfems With Questions


I notice I still have a lot of libfem followers (thanks for sticking with me, guys), so I thought I’d post a few things that explain what’s going on with this blog/what’s going on with radical feminism/how my ideology has changed. All interesting reading, and might be useful to anyone who’s…

Anonymous asked: Okay, so, sorry to bother you but, I've tried googling libfem, but I didn't really find much, so I was hoping you could maybe explain what it is? I've never heard the term before.


Libfem is short for Liberal Feminist as opposed to a Radical Feminist and this is a table I have in my drafts right now which shows the basic differences between the two! Radical Feminism also holds the belief that the patriarchy, nor any other form of oppression can be completely liberated from without the take down of Capitalism; as it is a system that inherently exploits these societal oppressions.



good things about melbourne

  • lively activist scene
  • lots of lesbians and radfems
  • really nice parks
  • awesome vegan/vegetarian restaurants
  • lots of cute lil cafes
  • cool bars that r really chill and lack misogynistic dudebros
  • many cool suburbs to visit
  • the op shops always have really cool stuff
  • trams everywhere make it easy to get around
  • people are generally friendly and nice
  • the girls here are so damn stylish
  • the beaches are nice

bad things about melbourne

  • the fucking myki system